Saturday, May 9, 2009

On viewing the correspondents' dinner

I am watching the correspondents' dinner and one thing is painfully evident.: this is a very arrogant man who knows only how to campaign. His speech is a series of jokes made at the expense of the people who may run against him in 3 years. Hillary Clinton, Micheal Bloomberg, Sarah Palin, and several others are the focus of his "jokes." They will say these are all jokes but I don't think the man does anything that isn't planned to benefit his popularity.

As I listen to his accomplishments, I still believe we are going in the wrong direction with the GOP. We need to reduce government. All his accomplishments are ideas that require enormous amounts of oversight and lots of government jobs. We need to eliminate these ideas. I really think the party has done a poor job of this since Reagan. But it's hard to blame a system for not pushing for it's own demise. The advancement of the Republican Party, in it's true form, means a severe reduction in the government, period. It would be hard for politicians to advocate their own firing. This is the direction we need to go.

We are creating a group of people that truly believe they are entitled to a life provided by the government. Education, income, healthcare, housing, travel, child-care and food are all provided if you cannot provide for yourself. And does this come as a loan on future wages or through working for these items? No, they are a hand out paid for by those who make more money and are told "they can afford it." And it is distributed by the same people that tell you these things. This creates a need for bigger government. And it continues to create a group of people that know not how to advance themselves. They look at the government as an entity that should be there for them. It's as if the Constitution says "We the group" instead of "We the People." And the instead of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness it's entitlement, victim-hood, and equality of all.

I really wish we could go back to the time when everyone wanted to accomplish things for themselves instead of believing they'd already done enough.

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