Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mr. President and his friendly media

So President Obama's press conference last night should stand as an example of how all good rulers. Be sure to limit the media to only positive questions that further the Administrations agenda.


I know this isn't unheard of. But when will he be asked the other questions? When will he be asked the hard questions?

So, why set up that type of press conference? Why continue this campaigning? He seems to believe he is more intelligent than those that elected him. He believes he has been appointed by a higher power (not God, that would be religious and therefore wrong). He is our savior (again not a religious savior, a savior from ourselves and the American way). All this angry talk of how they won the election. He believes he was appointed to save our country from those evil conservatives. Well, yes, he was elected. Well so were all the Republicans in the government.

To this end, he simply dismisses all of us who have differing opinions. He, and his party, act as though we are unintelligent because we have differing opinions; as though our dissension indicates a lack of understanding. I understand your policy. I understand your rationale. I just don't believe history has shown you this will be effective. And the founding fathers didn't support your ideas. Article 1 section 8 (limiting government) is the foundation of our country. It has allowed our country to become the super-power it has become. And that's all we want. Limit your government. We are not stupid for these beliefs. If we are, then America was founded on stupidity.

So the single most important part is the creation of 4 million jobs? And the private sector has to be responsible for those creations? So what are you doing to improve the job market? Are you reducing payroll taxes to allow us to pay more staff more money? NO. Are you decreasing the tax on corporations' profits or the capital gains tax? NO! Instead you are spending money that will have to come from somewhere. So where are those funds going to come from? Me? YES! What, in any of this, is designed to help us in business? Nothing. So don't bother pretending you are helping.
President Obama is going to have the government push us back into life. Only the government can stop the progression of less jobs, less money, less spending, and less jobs? Why not let the businesses fail? We will survive. In nature, we don't help the weak animal survive. It is eaten. It allows the stronger animal to flourish. So would allowing them to fail. There are many businesses that have been allowed to fail, many that seemed crucial to the nation at the time. And the country recovered.
And how are they going to save us? By most estimates, these jobs will take 1 1/2 - 2 years to start. Sure seems like a long time for our nation to be heading toward ruin as the President has stated.
Perhaps this isn't about the economy, though. Maybe this is their way of advancing socialism in our country. Let's bail these businesses and people out. Lets help them. Then we can tell them what they are allowed to do. They did take our money and help so we must have the right to dictate things to them. Sound ridiculous? How about CEO pay? Sure seems like we have the beginnings of socialism.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trillions of reasons to be scared

I am scared out of my mind.

I am not exaggerating.

My fiance and I are expecting a baby in the next 2 months. And I am excited. I am so pumped about this little life. I pray every day for his health and happiness.

But this plan that's up for vote today has me cringing.

Trillions of dollars to try and help stimulate our economy. Trillions of dollars, created by people charged with spending by a president trying to use scare tactics to pass the bill. No president has ever made a comment such as that - stating that our country will fail if this isn't passed.

And the other highlights: language preventing the use of funds on buildings at colleges and schools where religous activities take place. Why? So the Muslim student union holds a meeting in the student union and you can't use the funds there? Or in the gym if the christian student athletes hold a meeting?

How about 4.1 million for ACORN? An organization that supports free immagration for all as well as increasing the ease with which illegal immagrants can bring their families to the country (http://www.acorn.org/index.php?id=16966). An organization that supports the forced paid sick day for American worker (http://www.acorn.org/index.php?id=16998&L=1%2F%2Findex.php%3Fid%3D). I have nine employees. I give them paid sick days. But what if my business starts to fail? What if I have to eliminate those days to keep employing those people? This mimics the tax increases that have been discussed. If you force me to offer health care, paid sick leave and increase the payroll taxes, I will not be able to keep all my employees. And finally, their stance on foreclosure. Now I understand that banks and credit cards may have done things that hit below the belt. But foreclosure is not the banks fault. First, the government should not have reduced the standards for mortgages - this allowed a lot of undeserving people to "qualify" for loans they could not afford. Second, the responsibility of making the payment and knowing what you can afford falls solely on the borrower. I feel for all that have lost their homes but I do not think it should be everyone elses responsibility to fix this.

Why do they even think they can fix this? Why not let the economy straighten itself out? Yes, we'll fall on some hard times. But FDR's attempts to fix things led to a 8 or 9 year depression.

I am so scared. My country could care less what I want. It could care less what most of the people I know want. And they definitley haven't learned from history.

I hope I'm wrong. I really hope I'm wrong...