Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Aim...

I hoping to change the focus of this blog. I know that I'm the only one reading it so I figure I won't alienate anyone. If I do, I should probably talk to someone about that...

This blog is now a platform for my beliefs on the direction of the conservative party. I am sure that the number of followers will double or triple overnight. (Wait, 0 multiplied by 2 or 3 is what - algebra was a long time ago). But, even if it doesn't, I will write my views as often as possible.

I, like many others - including the tea party attendees, believe that the conservative party needs an overhaul. Maybe we need a new party. Maybe we need a realignment of the existing party. Either way, I want to start a discussion of how we can do this -- how can we return to where we started. An America that believes that American power is a good thing. An America that believes in the individual's right to be an individual. An America that believes in a right to advance yourself through hard work and perseverance. An America that believes in success and rising above the crowd - not just being average - the same as all those around you.

America is a good country. There are times in the past when we've been a great country and someday we could be great again. We have lost sight of our greatness and now believe we should reduce ourselves to the level of every other country that hates us simply because we have succeeded. Why do they hate us? Why do we care? Why are we trying to make them like us? I believe that everyone that succeeds will have enemies.

Let's liken this to a business. The manager that is everyone's friend is usually respected by no one and will not succeed. He does not make the hard decisions because they would alienate some people. His team has no leadership; he will have a team of smiling idiots that just can't understand why they have nothing - no wins, no championships. But they like him. The team eventually looks at the manager and asks why he couldn't make them succeed. Now look at the manager that doesn't want to be friends with his team. He wants others to respect him because of his hard work and leadership. The manager that leads by example and shows others how he became so successful. His team will win. They will know how to advance and win in life. His team will be able to succeed even beyond what he has shown them.

Some people will say it's not the US's place to lead - to manage. But those same countries put us in that place. They ask us to step in when they are failing. They ask for help when their country is in jeopardy. The seek asylum when their ideas fail and they are persecuted. They ask us to share our medical advances. And if they want don't need our military support, they want our money because our economy - as bad as things are - is still better than theirs. (look at our funding of the UN or the carbon tax idea- we provide the majority of their funding and we are expected to pass on our money because we produce so much). The trend is that if you hate us, you probably want something from us or were denied something by the US government. Those countries that want nothing from us are usually friendly with us and respect the US for its accomplishments.

So when we fail, when we are not the leader on this team of fools, we will be just like all the other countries - striving to be a country like what America was once. We will wonder then how we let this slip. We will be just another country looking to get by.

I hope we are able to see where we are headed before we get there.

One other subject -

We talk of socialism. Many people say the president is not a socialist. He is trying to help people. But we have already done things to move toward socialism - the government running our education system, welfare and social security, the subsidization of the banks and auto industry and many other government run items. And the idea that the rich can afford to support the poor is socialist at the heart - the needs of the many supersede the needs of the few.

Just remember folks, if we all must live at the same level, we cannot live at the highest level. The average is never a high level. The average household income is around $43,000 per year. That is not a small amount, but if we were to make everyone live at that level, how would new businesses, hospitals, and other services be started. Would it only be if the government needed it? I came out of school with a $500 a month loan payment. Then I bought a house - $170000- and pay $1500 a month. Now, I also have a car and pay $400 each month. So, I now have a degree, an average home and a decent car and pay $2400 in loans. So, $28,800 a year in loans - just to be a veterinarian with average stuff. Now at $43000 a year that leaves about $35000 after taxes - I now have $8000 to live on. Why did I work so hard to become a doctor for that amount. All the stress, all the headaches and liability, just to make that amount. Well, I would rather be a tech that does the nursing side with out the headaches. Why would anyone do more than an easy job if there is no reward. And if we say that we will pay those jobs more we are back to capitalism. The fairest way is the way that exists. What is wrong with working hard and getting ahead?

Well, if we don't stop the socialism, you will find me where I truly belong: at home with my son collecting my welfare checks. Someone has to stay home.

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